Vivid historical settings, twisted villains, heroic fellows and independent women are hallmarks of a Bailey Bristol book.


"There will always be elements of family found, a major or minor story thread  involving music,
 and justice for the good guys in my books. Oh, and probably a happily ever after, too."

Samaritan Files: The Devil's Dime


1896 New York City:  Addie is abducted, her father is about to be put to death, all because of Jess Pepper's investigative reporting in 1896 New York City. Beautiful and talented, Addie came to the city with little more than a violin tucked beneath her chin and enough moxie to launch her dream - and find the father she hadn't seen in sixteen years. And she did find him - just days before Jess nearly got him hung.

All Jess wanted to do was show a good man a city's gratitude. Instead, he signed the man's death warrant. He could put a con-man out of business with the stroke of his pen. Literally. But in his first weeks on the job as investigative reporter for the New York Times, Jess wrote an article that re-opened a twenty-year-old criminal case. This time his pen set in motion a chain of events that exposed a good Samaritan to the men who wanted him dead.

Now, corruption and greed bring Addie and Jess to the brink of terror when his column puts a target on her father's back, and Jess must discover not only who wants this good man dead, but how to save the woman who has captured his heart.


At age 10, Kittie Thornton was forced to leave her brother-protector on the train full of orphans and follow her new “family” into an abusive hell. Now, as a frightened 18-yr-old, she must flee or die at the hands of the man who never saw her as a daughter, only as his woman. With no funds and little hope of succeeding in her flight, Kittie finds meager work in Mounthaven, Ohio, the only place she remembered her own parents speaking of with fond memories. And there she hides.


Her brother, Penn Thornton, had watched his little sister leave the train station with a family of five. Thinking she'd be better off with them now, he joined up with another 12-year-old and headed north. As young men, Penn and Jake Kannady rose in the ranks of the Cavalry, until Penn and his beautiful Indian wife were killed at Wounded Knee. Devastated, Jake leaves the carnage with Penn and Two Hearts' infant son strapped to his back and a single obsession to honor his best friend's dying words. "Find my sister, Jake. Take my son to Kittie."


With nothing to go on except the name of the Kansas town where they last saw Kittie, Jake carries the baby on a relentless search. In Mounthaven he loses the trail. And loses his heart.


Rich with poignant, mystical dream scenes and glimpses of what family can truly be, Bailey Bristol weaves a tale of danger and endurance, loss and depravity, honor and trust...and a love that blurs the lines between hope and the spirit world.


                                                                         This novel was Bailey Bristol's first published book.

Three Days From Forever


An immense true story unfolds in the pages of this historical novel.

Dorothy Kinney Chambers achieved her medical degree and fulfilled her dream of becoming an OB-GYN. But a 1920's American medical community was completely unprepared to accept a woman in that role. No female doctor was going to take the expectant mothers from their waiting rooms. It was simply not going to happen. She could practice any other kind of medicine, they told her. Just not Obstetrics.


But Obstetrics had been Dorothy's dream from the time as a young person she helped deliver a baby beneath a bridge on a busy Colorado boulevard. So Dorothy picked up her new medical diploma, and tucked it beneath her new orders from the American Baptist Missionary Board.


She was going to India. As a medical missionary.


For ten years Dorothy pursued her mission to establish and grow a women's hospital in Gauhati India. With no electricity, no running water, and barely any nurses who spoke English, Dorothy planted her feet and began the work God had blessed her with.


That decade was rich with rewards and rife with unanticipated medical crises, and Dorothy met them all with the faith, vision, and ingenuity that were her unique gifts.


And then she met Fred.


Fred Chambers was a missionary in Jorhat who, as fate would have it, had received his diploma on the same stage in Colorado that Dorothy had. But they had never met, until half way around the world, a medical emergency brought them together in Gauhati.


It was love at first sight, and soon they were wed. But in that time, a woman was not to maintain her professional status once she was married. She was to put all her energies into her domestic duties.


Yet again Dorothy managed to defy convention, and soon she and Fred and her new daughter, Carol Joy, were on their way to their new position in the Philippines. Fred would serve as president of the college in Iloito, and Dorothy would assist him. Yet her penchant for all things medical wouldn't let her turn a blind eye to the many needs of the Filipino people. Soon she had completed her certifications in Manila, and once again began to practice medicine.


Her second child, Robert, was born while she pursued certification, and for more than a year the contented family lived and worked their dream.


And then the Japanese invaded.


With one suitcase loaded with medical supplies, and little more than the clothes on their backs, Dorothy and Fred took their two children by the hand -- Carol 3 yrs old and Bobbie 18 months -- and walked them into Santo Tomas prison camp.


And there they spent the next three years in hell.


 - work in progress -


In the second Jess Pepper novel, Addie defies Jess's orders to stay away from The Mephisto Palace. How can she honor his demands, when she is certain that young Tad is being brainwashed there, drawn into a gang of charming hoodlums -- sons of Tammany Hall thugs -- who clearly are being trained for some deadly purpose. 


The rift between Jess and Addie grows, until finally he sees evidence that Addie has been right all along. There is a plot of deadly dimension, alright. But even Addie doesn't know the full extent of it. She has no idea Tad is going to help his crew assassinate President Roosevelt.


Now Jess races against time. But there isn't enough time to save all save Tad from his unwitting participation in the killing of a president, to save the president as well, or to save Addie from the gilded cage in which Sal Diavolo has ensconced her in his Mephisto Palace.