• Review by Fiction Books
    Review by Fiction Books

    ♦ 5.0 out of 5 stars for THE DEVIL'S DIME
    "Those who prosper by thievery, thuggery, or by ruining another, have chosen to live on the devil's dime." 

    REVIEW By Fiction Books

    I was a little unsure about reading this book, when Bailey first contacted me, as she told me straight off, that this was to be the first in a trilogy of books, titled `The Samaritan Files'. I was concerned that `The Devil's Dime' would therefore be an unfinished work, left to be completed in the two remaining episodes. I need not have worried ...

  • Review by Romance Studio
    Review by Romance Studio

    ♦ Five out of Five stars for

    from The Romance Studio

    Bailey Bristol pens one of those warm hearted stories that will have you reaching for the closest tissue frequently. Kittie, or Kate, has one of the hardest lives a heroine could have but, through it all, she remains a spunky woman whose courage can only be admired.

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  • ...The Devil's Dime
    ...The Devil's Dime

    Addie is abducted, her father is about to be executed, and an evil man's vengeance is unleashed, all because of Jess's reporting. And only Jess can save them.

    THE DEVIL'S DIME...historical suspense with a happily ever after

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    Readers, you'll be happy to know that Bailey is completing THE GILDED CAGE for publishing late this summer. Jess and Addie have really gotten themselves into a pickle this time, and Bailey Bristol's enduring promise of family found and tested love reaches new heights in this historical drama that threatens to destroy their bond.

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